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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 18, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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freeway. but chp says the wax from the tanker will have to be pumped into another truck. they may open one southbound lane shortly. they do not expect to get all lanes re-opened up til 8:00 at the earliest, that's two more hours. and as you can see here traffic is a mess. it's backed up for several miles into south san jose. there is no word on what caused this crash. the driver of that tank earthy was injured, he is in the hospital with what we're told is none life-threatening injuries. so now, for the next several hours, that tanker crash is going to stay there, try to steer clear of southbound 101 between south san jose and morgan hill. it is slow, slow going. the words waiting and dmv just seem to go together and, for people in hayward, that has never been more true. julie watts is in hayward where the dmv is all spruced up but customers have nowhere to go. julie. >> reporter: you know, you said
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it there perfectly. folks in hayward have been waiting for this fence to come down since renovations began here back in august. who knows, first up, dmv may make the wait inside a little easier to handle but we may never know because, instead of taking down the fence, they put up this note online. due to the state's fiscal emergency the dmv will stay closed until further notice. evidently when they closed the hay ward branch they sent some employees to different branches and others retired and now there just aren't enough to reopen hayward. cars continuously filed in all afternoon. >> sounds like a major inconvenience actually. >> it's frustrating. >> reporter: why? >> why should we have to go farther if they just remodeled this and spent so much money on it. >> the closest place i know of is back over in walnut creek and pleasanton. i have to go to 580 and pay my
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registration. it's disappointing, very disappointing, over and over again disappointing. >> reporter: accord to go a dmv spokesman a hiring freeze makes it impossible to restaff hayward sending people to other overcrowded branches. i'll let you take a another look at that spruced up new dmv. many of those other branches already have waits of 3 hours or more exacerbated by furlough fridays and the software needed for those new california driver's licenses, but for now, folks in california will have to keep driving to hayward or pleasanton until they get an exemption to the hiring freeze. good news dana, the dmv says 25 to 30% of their business can be done online, so the suggestion there is head to the web site first, see if you can take care of whatever you need to take dear of furs otherwise you'll be waiting and waiting somewhere overtime that in hayward branch. >> that's good advice. go online first because you'll
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wait wherever you go. >> julie watts -- >> budget crunch has the city of antioch hurting for cops so they are taking officers back from the school district where they were assigned to keep the peace on campus. but ann notarangelo shows us something strange has happened on those campuses. >> reporter: it is surprising to see a police officer on a high school campus but in some cases it has become a luxury. they weren't happy when their police officer was assigned elsewhere in the city. what were you? >> i was very upset. i was like upset. and, like, of all years to have to lose somebody like that, it was like what do you do? >> reporter: lynn bailey's golf cart replaced a police squad car out in front of the high school. she is a security officer and thought this year there would be more fights and more theft, she says they were a little scored. why did you want a police officer present? >> just seeing the cop car is
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enough to -- the kids feel more safer, they know somebody is here. >> reporter: but the city couldn't afford to key them here. they reassigned its three school resource officers to patrol, here at antioch high they now have 6 full-time and one part-time safety assistant. >> we don't have any more fights, i haven't heard of any, and before we would have like 5 fights a week. >> even though they got rid of them we added some more and it stopped down the fights and stuff like that. >> reporter: the fights are down and more kids are going to class. attendance is up 5% from last year to an average daily attendance of 96%. what we have learned thus far is by having the increased supervision it's really paid dividends for us. >> reporter: principal louis roach a says they have made other changes, closed the campus, added bells, but there
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is no question interacting with the kids has turned things around. the safety officers aren't just about law and order. they talk about dress code and get a general sense of how the kids are doing. but when they need an officer it takes longer. >> if i had my choice i would have an sro on campus because it sends a message they are working in partnership to ensure school safety. >> and there are students who feel the same way. >> i feel more secure with the officer here because i know ... >> reporter: the district is paying more for security this year but it's also getting more. >> i see them everywhere now. >> is that a good thing? >> yeah, i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: for big events like homecoming which is this weekend the school district has hired a private security firm and, alan, those guards are armed. like police officers. >> i'm just wondering, are they budgeted for all this expenditure, ann? >> reporter: yeah, they actually had to pay more, several thousand dollars more
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for these additional security aadvertisetants as they call them. but they felt it was worthwhile and at least at this school it seems to be paying off. >> seems to be. ann notarangelo, thanks. unwanted roommates can make a home a miss hasselbeck 6th rabble place to be. roomies like bedbugs and row dents, imagine smelling rotting garbage all the time. some people blame lazy landlords for those. mike sugerman and what might prompt lazy landlords to clean up their act. >> how about a thousand dollars a day, that will get your attention. today supervisors are talking about fining landlords in the city up to a thousand dollars a day if they don't clean up their act. but is it always the landlord's fault? there's some pretty crumby apartments in san francisco and a lot of them in the tenderloin. we went to the tenderloin and even in one building people have people aren't sure this is a good idea. does your landlord refuse to clean up bedbugs, mice, garbage
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or mold? right in here. sewage. >> reporter: spill labeling. city supervisors are talking about fining them a thousand dollars a day if they don't clean up their apartments, so- called nuisance fines. in the tenderloin there is a lot of complaints. >> when i went the doctor i said there was bedbugs, i complaint, they wouldn't change me rooms. >> i'm running, in my bed to see my son in one of the beds, i picked it up and through it at him trying to kill him. >> reporter: you got bedbugs here or mice? >> no, no, i've never had bedbugs in this room. mice, very -- there was a problem but it's minimal now. >> reporter: yeah. maybe it's not always the landlord's problem. the very clean room in one of the sro hotels but if you go just, i don't know, down the hallway right here they have got some bedbugs and mice. is that the landlord's fault? so should is lapped lord be
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find a thousand dollars a day for not fixing up these new sans violations. >> that's the only way to get the money to get them to do what they are supposed to do. >> down the street, the hilton, $800 a night has bedbugs. so it's not in every room. every month they come to this room. >> reporter: just by talking to people in the same building you get different stories and different views. it would be hard to pin down any particular landlord unless they were one of the worst. that's who this legislation is really aimed at. the supervisor's committee passed this nuisance fine ordinance today and it goes to the full board next week. >> yeah, it's a quality of life issue and the people who live there certainly deserve to have a better quality of life. that one room doesn't even have plaster on the walls. >> reporter: i'm sorry, yeah, can't hear you. it didn't have what? >> plaster on the walls. >> reporter: right. that was not a bad room, not a good room. but he did not have bedbugs, he
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didn't have bedbugs and he didn't have mold and garbage and that's what this particular ordinance would go after, so you see some of the problems. you're right. some of these rooms are awful. this ordinance wouldn't address that, it's only the new sans they are talking about. >> all right. in san francisco mike sugerman, thank you. oakland police say they hope to identify a suspect soon in the shooting of a man in rock ridge this weekend. the 28-year-old victim was using this atm at the shopping center broadway and pleasant valley avenue when he was shot at least twice. this happened just before 9:00 saturday morning, the man is listed in critical condition. investigators say the victim was deliberately targeted. and firefighters responding to a report of smoke in hasan pablo home today discovered a man's body inside. the call came just after 2:00 this morning. when fire crews arrived at this house on o'hare avenue they found a fire burning in the fireplace and the man lying next to that. he has been identified as 36- year-old josi alfredo vasquez
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ba sarah. it's unclear what killed him. the coroner's office says the death does not appear to be smoke related nor is it suspicious. in more than 9 years after the disappearance of chandra levy jury selection got underway in the trial of the man accused of killing her. ingmar juan deke ais accused of strangling her. they found her remains more than a year later. the case got wide attention because of the relationship with gary condit, congressman. i'm len ramirez in san jose where street trees are finally getting some badly needed attention. just ahead, the steps people are taking to make them safer and who pays. your next smog check will be a little different. how the changes save you time and money. another big change coming for drivers this week. going to be hard to miss it. ,,,,
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down during stor happens every winter. trees, tree limbs, knocked down during our stormy weather. in san jose homeowners found out they'd have to foot the bill for damage even for trees planted by the city. len ramirez found that hasn't changed but there's some relief in store. alan. >> reporter: that's right. the street tree program met the budget axe in 2008 and ever since then it has been the responsibility of the private property owners to maintain the trees in front of their house even if they didn't plant them. here in downtown san jose the property owners are taking that responsibility now very seriously to try to avoid a tragedy like what happened last year. one by one and a paragraph at a time each of these stately street palms on alma den boulevard took a trim. but it's not just for looks. >> a lot of these trees. been maintained in a number of years. we want to get through this
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before another incident occurs. >> reporter: last year a street tree fell over in high winds crushing and killing a 2-year- old boy in front of his home. two years before they stopped trimming trees because of budget cuts. now the downtown association is footing the bill to trim trees in a 70 square block area. >> last year a really harsh winter and a lot of trees came down and property owners were not aware that it's their responsibility to maintain the street trees so they kind of found out the hard way that, if the trees fall down, that the city was gonna come out and bill them. so we wanted to do something for property owners since they are paying a property assessment within our district. >> reporter: even now property owners like scott kinzer are not aware that street trees are their responsibility even if the city planted them. >> for me to be able to spend, you know, $2,000 a month on someone to come out and clean palm trees is kind of excessive. >> reporter: but property owners are starting to pay the price since the tragedy last year. private tree companies have
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been busy. this company is charging $3,000 to trim this 80-foot elm. >> that's a lot of money for a taxpayer to pay. >> the city would charge 2 or $3,000 probably. because you know city workers. >> reporter: there are about 2500 trees in downtown area. this program is taking care of about 950 of them. there are many many thousands more throughout the city of san jose that are the responsibility of those property owners again and it's something they should think about as they head into the wet and windy weather. >> the tree pruning business could get very busy. >> a trimmed tree is a happy tree. >> got it. len ramirez in san jose, thanks. month matter what you need, from i don't know, finding a good restaurant to trying to figure out how to get there, you know, there's an appeal for that. well now san jose environmental officials are hoping that a new appeal will actually encourage people to help them do their
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jobs. thuy vu explains how it works. santa clara county has more than 700 miles of creeks. the city of san jose is hoping citizens will help monitor them with their foam after testing called creek watch. we went out to coyote creek for a demonstration. >> the application has thresholds for levels of trash reporting and anything over 10 pieces would be high. and so, since they are -- >> reporter: one-two-three and i see a box there, something. >> ya ya there was much more garbage around where we were standing. they have flow rates plus a quality photo. >> it gives us a lot more eyes on our watershed. hopefully it inositols a sense of stewardship in the population. >> the data gets sent to a web site. local authorities can then target the areas that need to be cleaned up and it's also
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expected to yield important scientific information. >> by knowing the flow of creeks we can tell how far the salmon can go up stream by the availability of water. >> and also get a big picture of the watershed when the water comes down and flows through our neighborhoods, it goes through these creeks to the bay. >> reporter: ibm researcher tom zimmerman developed the program and has submitted it's to the apple storm. they hop to be able to use it to report on other things. >> maybe a pothole or a street light that is out or something like that. >> reporter: ibm's tom zimmerman is already working on his next app targeting noise pollution. not only for a city but also, for example, at a house. >> if you think of buying one you put this device there and you can listen to one day of sound compressed into 1 minute to question did an idea what it's really like to live there. >> thuy true reporting in san jose. all right.
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[ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message. life in the cbs5 weather center in san francisco, good evening, i'm roberta gonzales, take a look outside, live, cbs5 weather, pavarotti the transamerica building where we do have low clouds and patchy fog due west. temperatures across the bay area and seize nah blow cool from 59 to half moon bay. 73 degrees in concord, right there in san francisco, currently a very chilly 54 degrees after realize agriculture high today of only 60. we do have the influx of the marine layer pushing on-shore temperatures tonight. partly cloudy skies, better sleeping weather in santa rosa to the low 50s across the silicon valley. bayside tomorrow, southwest wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour, under the influence of high
6:21 pm
pressure. the departure of a low and to the north of us a little bit of a stormy weather pattern setting up that trains off all the way out over the pacific ocean. tomorrow's high pressure sunny skies will pan out to be the warmest day of the workweek. 70s peninsula. mid-70s in san jose. to the east of the bay. 65 in richmond, low 80s in brentwood. tracy, oakland, north of the bay. a little clearing, to 81 degrees in fairfield. how about this. tomorrow the giants are home playing baseball against the phillies. game time temperatures 67 degrees. a slight chance of a couple of raindrops by thursday night. dana, we'll talk more about that next time around. >> thanks so much row. the next step is underway to construct the new span of the bay bridge. today crews started getting ready to install the second set of segments for the self-
6:22 pm
anchored suspension tower. each section is more than 100 feet tall. they will be put into place later this week. the self-anchored suspension span will be part of the bay bridge's eastern span. that project is scheduled to be completed in 2013. the governor just signed a new law that will change the way californians get their car smog checked. it promises to be a faster less expensive process. stephanie abram's on how the new law will affect drivers. >> reporter: it's time to rev up for a new type of smog test that won't keep your wheels spinning and aims to end the cycle of polluting cars getting tested and not really fixed. marry nichols, chair of the california air resources board, explains undercover investigations exposed too many repair shops not making real repairs. >> we are going to be upgrading the equipment that we use, taking advantage of the fact that cars nowadays use on board diagnostic equipment, meaning little computers, a really
6:23 pm
improved system for telling what is wrong with the car. >> reporter: so gay 6th say good-bye to measuring pollutants, this little plug is all it takes. mike ang says the technology is cheaper. >> they cost an average of $48. we're going to cut that in half. normally a smog check inspection can take up to an hour. we can have it done in a few minutes. >> this is the connector, plug it in here, turn the key on. >> reporter: now sit connected to the emissions computer, within a minute the test is over. >> it's done on this vehicle. >> the new computers will pinpoint the problem making it easier to fix. if your car is older than a '96 and doesn't have a diagnostic computer you'll still to have spin your wheels a bit but there will be severe penalties for a mechanic who charges you for a fix they don't make. the new law is expected to remove 70 tons of pollutants a
6:24 pm
day. so that means a much cleaner commute costing you less money and time when you go for your next smog check. it is expected to take effect early next year. reporting from el monta, stephanie abram's, channel 5. election just two weeks away and the campaign just got even nasty earn. the latest back and forth in the race for governor. a lot of muni riders are fed up with the status quo. so how do you convince them to vote against it. >> we'll take a closer look at measure g. >> for anyone who ever felt power less in the neighborhood problems. how one person was able to turn her street around and get the money for it. >> they call proposition 24 a jobs tax because it would tax california businesses for creating new jobs. >> with unemployment the highest since. >> 24 hits small businesses with higher taxes. ,,,,,,
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hike last year. on election san francisco muni riders faced service cuts this year and a fare hike last year. so on election day city voters will decide whether to bite back with a ballot measure meant to reform salaries. how both sides are making their arguments. phil. >> reporter: it's interesting. here in san francisco there are not a lot of incumbent politicians facing voter's wrath. it's the folks that drive the buses seeming to get the political heat this season.
6:28 pm
here is the store. >> reporter: hi ma'am, are you a voter in san francisco? >> yes. >> are k i talk to you for a few minutes. >> reporter: as campaigns go. muni drivers and their supporters trying to pete back a november ballot measure by supervisor shawn elseburg to repeal the law that mandates san francisco drivers be the second highest paid in the nation. just how much is that? >> just the pay base is 60,000, the average with the over time probably around 70, 75. >> reporter: but it's the system's work rules that allow for overtime without even working 40 hours a week that elseburg really wants to change? we're talking about $200 million. >> reporter: how do you fight numbers like that? well the unions decided to fight fire with fire with the first strike being against muni manager matt boring and the big bucks he is making. >> i say let's start from the top. this man makes $400,000 a year, the head of muni, more than anyone else in san francisco. almost more than the president of the united states and he
6:29 pm
still ain't got it right. >> reporter: actually according to muni the boss makes 308,000 a year. but, eh, this is a campaign to win. the other side is saying you're the second highest paid in the nation and it needs to be cut. in keeping with the times. >> what does that have to do with improvement of service when you cut somebody's wages? >> we're not just talking about salary, we're talking about work rules that keeps us keeping these buses to show up on time. >> reporter: meanwhile the final push is on for both sides. >> most of them are excited to roll, a lot of them say they haven't bean this excited to come to the polls in years. >> do you live in san francisco and vote here in san francisco? are you familiar with g? we can we count on you to vote no. >> i definitely will look over, i got to figure out what is right and wrong. >> i gotcha, thank you for your time. >> reporter: what also makes this interesting dana is this is one of two measures on the november ballot that go after city workers. this one after the pay of muni
6:30 pm
drivers, another one is also calling for reform in pensions and health care for workers families. i have to tell you labor unions all around the state are watching san francisco because if they pass here they could pass any war, dana? >> if they do pass what do you think the likelihood is they would end up in court. >> i think there will be a court challenge but i have a feeling this is going to be a very big club that is going to be we woulded against the unions here because like i said it's not just about the wages, it's also about work rules. so there is a lot at stake here, court or not, san francisco city hall is gonna get a message one way or the other. >> gotcha. phil ma tier, thank you. the days of generous pensions are over. that word from the mayor of los angeles. mayor viera risk goes a wants voters to review a sweeping pension review plan for police officers and firefighters. that would require the employees to work longer to qualify for enhanced retirement benefits the goal to keep the
6:31 pm
city on solid financial footing. >> this is something we certainly expected, there's been a hugh and cry for pension reform all across the country. >> the new plan still has to be approved by the city council by november 3rd, then it has to be placed on the ballot next march and approved by voters, if it does pass, it would affect new hire res starting in july of next year. undocumented college students should work in subordinate positions, that's what jerry brown accuses meg whitman of suggesting. this a day after whitman attacked brown. with just 15 days until the election i monday perez tells us thousand governor's race is getting nastier. >> another angle on the illegal immigrant issue, as candidate meg whitman says the state doesn't have enough money to help illegal immigrant students with their tuition. they say the dire budget straights require tough decisions on where to spend tax dollars. she has criticized her opponent, jerry bound, saying
6:32 pm
he is willing to put the needs of undocumented immigrants ahead of the taxpayers of california. the california dream act promises in-state tuition rates to all students, illegal or not, who graduate from a california high school they have attended for at least three years. jerry brown powers the dream act and he accuses whitman of anti-immigrant bias for supporting it. >> i can't believe meg whitman would say to these people woe don't want you to be skilled and in college, we want you dog the more meantime jobs. >> in-state undergraduate students is under $6,000 per semester. for out of state it is three times higher. according to the state university system illegal immigrants make up less than one-third. they subsidize them to the tune of $40 million a year. for whitman that's too much. for brown that's the cost of making california competitive.
6:33 pm
i'm simon perez, news 5. san francisco says sorry, not our problem, how one woman managed to clean up her neighborhood on her own and get the money for the job. >> and a whole lot of bad grass in golden gate park, until now. what it takes to replace one of the biggest lawns in the bay area. >> dana, at&t park is just fine, it's the bats that need fixing, we're back in san francisco today. will the giants change their center fielder? that's coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,
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meg whitman's hometown newspaper said it best: "meg whitman has demonstrated a loose relationship with the truth" "a poor understanding of government" "pat solutions for problems whose depth and complexity clearly elude her" "she utterly lacks the qualifications to be governor" jerry brown "offers california exactly what it needs" "good ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get things done in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brown for governor. and a homeless encampment is slowly being reclaimed. jennifer mistrot ghborhood an ore fanned san francisco street that had become a dumping ground and a homeless 'em campment is being reclaimed. how the neighborhood is cleaning it up one grant at a time. >> keep the place as clean as we can and pick up the trash and try to monitor some of the goings-on around here.
6:36 pm
>> jim bur gow ski runs a business on pennsylvania and 17th street. he says that for decades this area has been a madness for urban camping and car theft. >> we've got to cut these guys down. >> that's about to change. >> we had developed a really great plan with the volunteers and the people in businesses who live around here to improve the streets so they are actually liveable. >> this stretch of bumpy asphalt is not formally accepted by san francisco and not maintained by the city. as this neighborhood grew, some of its roads were not up to code. dpw says they were put into use before the area shed its industrial roots. beautification and bringing it up to city code are two different things so as property owners work to bring the streets up to city code we can make resources available to make sure they are green and available in the meantime. >> reporter: the resource came in the form of a grant. today the mayor's office formally announced the slot will get $45,000 in makeover money. plans include a retaining wall
6:37 pm
and trees. >> i can't wait to get going. it's really going to improve my outlook on life, my walk to work, just being in my neighborhood, i love dog patch, the great place to live. >> the neighborhood credits the city, npvw to help the blocks. the improvement plan will take several years to complete. the city accepted nearly 300 streets in this fold last year. 17th street at pennsylvania may very we'll get accepted too. >> in san francisco jennifer mistrot, cbs5. if you've ever had had to replace a dead or a worn-out lawn you know it takes serious work. so how about this. cruz are taking on one of the biggest lawns west of the mississippi. i don't know, i'm making that part up. the golden gate park polo field, don ford takes us in the park to show us how they tackle a job this big. >> reporter: the golden gate park's polo field originally built over 100 years ago as
6:38 pm
golden gate steady yum is getting its field completely recollection straighted. nearly 5 miles of new irrigation piping and some pretty smelly soil conditions. and eventually, 17 acres of rolled-out sod. 7 times larger than candlestick. project manager rick fall says it's about time. >> it was patchy grass, gopher- ridden, it was not exactly the greatest place to play soccer. >> reporter: the polo field has seen many huge events over the last 100 years. vietnam war protests were centered here in the '60s, rock concert filled the site many times and, yes, each some kinds of polo is still played here from time to time. linda is a regular and she is excited to see this. >> green grass and a new bench? when i said i had no more falling down. allowed off the new place, people can have a smile and i'm
6:39 pm
just so happy. >> reporter: matt leadershippers is pretty darn happy too. >> it looks like they are finally getting around to fixing this field. it's high time because the gophers have had their way with it. >> reporter: the construction crews want to get the sod down before the rain turns this field into a 17-acre mudhole. despite being the largest sodding project in the history of san francisco the crew is very optimistic to have it all done in 12 weeks. in golden gate park, dan ford, cbs5. still ahead tonight, ride bart, get free stuff. unseasonably cool air across the bay area. now the day that will pan out to be the warmest. your pinpoint forecast as "eyewitness news" continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,
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watch out. >> reporter: watch out cash cab. this week b.a.r.t. will be giving away prize toes many of its passengers. >> we have 1300 prizes worth $60,000 all in an effort to build rider ship back up to levels they used to be and if not beyond. >> reporter: to kick off the campaign they started by giving away, and the winner? >> emmitt seymour. >> reporter: rides every day. >> i have never seen this amount of people excited about b.a.r.t. for a chance to win prices like chocolate and gift cards all the way and a year long pass b.a.r.t. you need to know the word of the day. >> you go to our platform and look at the overhead signs, the word there will be displayed. utecht it to 114444. you might get a prize. >> reporter: not all riders agree with the amount of money b.a.r.t. is spending on this game. >> it gets expensive. rather than giving it away, it
6:44 pm
would be better maybe to give people a discounted ticket to ride it more and make me happier. >> plus you get more people riding b.a.r.t., everybody wins. >> i think it's excellent. you know. the more people you get to ride, the better off sit for the environment, traffic and everything else. and besides, if you're gonna be on it anyway and they want to give me free coffee, i'm good with that. >> we love every rider but when you look at the bottom line we love every rider because they account for 60% of our revenue. so that's a huge loss in the rider ship. >> that loss is 25,000 fewer riders per day from its peak of 380,000 back in 2008. they plan to use this social networking to help them get back. in oakland, zack keen, cbs5. >> well, she was riding. >> it was the most incredible event i've ever been involved in, it was called the rcb
6:45 pm
timber ron mile. you go to timber ron, jump on a ferry, go to angel -- >> force you to swim back. >> yeah, you raise money for hospice. there i am coming out of the water there. we had 2,000 swimmers, the temperature was 57 degrees in the water, it was one of the most amazing thrilling events i've ever been involved. just swimming and look to your left. golden gate bridge, oh, jelly fish, i'm good with that. >> keep going. >> but lots of money raised yesterday for a number of charities including "we swam for hospice." heading outdoors now, the rain is out of here, anywhere from 59 in half moon bay, 73 degrees the temperature in concord, currently out and about, 50, 60, 70 degrees. the influx of the low clouds and fog, overnight tonight, 40s north bay. across the santa clara valley, 48 degrees in the delta. here is the deal. high pressure is settling in
6:46 pm
with the passage of yesterday's rain system. dry and sunny warm day tomorrow. storminess to the north and out to the west. we'll have an unsettled weather pattern passed wednesday. high are quality weather pattern, to the north and south. otherwise the brees clears out the bay and central bay as well. tomorrow's daytime temperatures topping up at 64 in pacifica. the outside number will be towards the delta. otherwise mid-70s, pretty common, across the santa clara valley, 79 degrees, not too far off the mark. headed to the baseball game tomorrow? lucky you. matt cain on the mound for the good guys, sunny and mild conditions, in fact, tomorrow, warmest day of this workweek. we do have a slight i want to emphasize slight chance of a region drop by thursday's game, at around 5:00 p.m. here you have the extended forecast. we have cooler temperatures. albeit sunny wednesday, we begin to cloud up thursday, leading to partly to mostly cloudy skies. a slight chance of rain friday.
6:47 pm
over the weekend both days got to tell you it's a very complex weather pattern, likes like the bulk of the precipitation to the north of the bay area, i have to say right now a chance of rain, doesn't mean we're out of the rain, just a chance right now, then that chance will linger all the way through monday. mypix was sent to us from jim flat earthy of fremont. clouds over that portion of the bay area. thanks jim. we invite all of you to keep your video and your pictures coming right here to dana? >> all right. thanks roberta. the federal judge who ruled don't ask/don't tell unconstitutional is being asked to reconsider. on cbs5, the judge's indications of how she might respond and the impact that could have on every soldier serving. bruce bochy hints at a possible change this the giants lineup. dennis o'donnel dodge. a former cal star gets carted
6:48 pm
off the field. the latest on his condition, next. ,, [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there.
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both the giants and phillies landed in the bay area at 4am giants come out of philly
6:51 pm
with a split. that's not all bad. >> not all bad but during the most of the season we thought the giants pitching staff was going to have to carry them through the post-season, then the bats came alive. but we're back in the same predicament we started with. both the giants and the phillies landed in the bay area at 4:00 a.m. this morning as they shift to at&t park for the next three games. giants skipper bruce bochy announced madison bumgarner will start game 4 instead of lincecum. with philly sending left-hander cole hamels to the mound, aaron rowand may get the start in center field in place of the struggling andres torres, the giants lead off hitter is just 3 for 25 in the post-season with 12 strikeouts. >> it may be time for a change there. but you also got to remember who got you here, who brought you to the dance, stay with them and hopefully they come around with you. >> like i always say i try to do my best.
6:52 pm
it's not like i go out there and i'm going to thought do that. i don't want to get on base like that. i try to do my best. while torres isn't the only giant struggling at the plate number 2 hitter freddy sanchez 4 for 25 in the post-season, aubrey huff has driven in one run in six games. they all have to get it together. tim lincecum may have silenced the philly bats in game 1 put the philly fans made plenty of noise when the franchise took the mound. lincecum gets tonight's "they said it" award. >> i want winners. >> these fans are whistling at lincecum. what did you think of the wizs? >> umm, i was thinking "i must have a really nice butt because i'm hearing a lot of 'em." to a knot so funny story. former cal stair desean jackson is expected to miss at least one game since suffering a concussion yesterday. andy reid says jackson didn't even remember the hit on that
6:53 pm
play. things even scarier for another former cal bear. zack pollock was carted off the field after a helmet to helmet collision. he was released from a new jersey hospital and returned to detroit for a second opinion. the nfl meanwhile said today they'll start suspending players for illegal hits. the losing streak is finally over. the 49ers beat the raiders in the battle of the bay. 17-9, for their first win of the season. after scoring just 3 points in the first half the offense woke up in the second half. alex smith threw a pair of touchdowns, frank gore went over 100 yards for the second time this season, vernon davis scored a touchdown for the third straight game, maybe each more for the 'niners did not commit a single turnover. >> i mean that's what it is. you could ask why this, why that, we were able to get turnovers and we didn't turn the ball over, point blank period. i don't care, you can draw it up and take shots, i mean that's how it is.
6:54 pm
don't turn the ball over you are gonna give yourself a chance to win. next week the 'niners get the winless 49er panthers, 2-4 broncos in london, then tampa bay. win those three and suddenly jed york's prediction that they'll win the west doesn't sound as crazy. >> a man has got to know his limitations. meanwhile it's back to the drawing board for the raiders. jason campbell had a miserable afternoon, he suffered a knee injury in the fourth. he threw two interceptions as the raiders were once again denied back to back wins. >> we wanted to win 2 in a row and that was our thought going into the game. we knew how big this game was for us. we started fast hasanni fence, put two scores on the board, then we just never got rid of them again and we've got to win these games where we're coming out and playing well and we have to, you know, keep playing well the whole game. we just didn't do that. >> both campbell and bruce
6:55 pm
gradkowski has made three starts, gradkowski's numbers are better across the board. he is still the guy, has to be healthy. that's his problem he can't stay healthy. so kyle boller would start in denver if gradkowski and campbell cannot play. if you're busy riding up and down row de0 drive all weekend here is what you missed. garcon spectacular one ha peyton manning, he usually makes it easy for his wide receiver but pierre gargon makes the spectacular 1-handed catch. indy holds on to beat washington, d.c. by a field goal. kicked off the first practice with a little razzle- dazzle. giving the cameron crazies something to care about. >> he holds out four times this weekend and held on for his first win since 2002. that got him a two-year tour exemption. taking on springfield this might be the catch of the year, tipped around, where is the
6:56 pm
football. and pops into the hands of a surprised springfield defender zachary johnson comes into make the catch. finally good luck taking the charge on peperdine's deion bell. he jumps over 7 people and throws it down. safe to say the midnight madness dunk contest was won by key on bell. he used three players, i think you could see, he used three players. he grabbed thee people out of the stands, he grabbed the short ones because he was on his way down. but it was spectacular. >> spectacular. >> you don't want to hurt a spectator. >> no. >> just impressive. normally if you see a play like that some kind of foam cushions to protect the ball. not for him. he was that confident in his ability. that's why he won. >> third string quarterback, how's that gonna work for the raiders. >> bruce campbell obviously isn't the second coming of jim
6:57 pm
plunkett like al davis thought he might be. gradkowski would have been much better. the 49er defense, give them credit. 'niners played a great game. but campbell missed a lot of targets, he did not play well. >> all-time. >> did i hear something incorrectly. are the warriors playing at home tonight? is there like basketball here tonight? it's like football. >> i got one question. you went swimming in the ocean. i look down and i see jelly fish. >> i did. >> who looks down and is happy to see jelly fish. i have been stung by hundreds of them. >> i have been stung before. i wasn't happy, i just said it was an amazing experience. >> well you won't see me happy to see jelly fish. >> we're coming back later at 11:00. te. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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